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This group is dedicated to the touching and adorable bond between the Little Sisters and Big Daddies/Sisters from the videogame series Bioshock. The group name is pretty Self-Explanatory.

- Respect other members of the group

- Things submitted here must be Bioshock related to the Sisters and Daddys.

- Not all artwork will be accepted, sorry.

- Do not send a Join request or Deviation request twice, we will see it the first time.

- We won't be accepting roles of a Contributor until you've submitted a decent amount of work to the group. We are always accepting Members though so you can submit art as a Member first.

- Do NOT, under any circumstances spam the group

- Overall, be nice

Taken Characters:

EtherealStardust ~ Eleanor Lamb Little Sister
CtanLord ~ Subject Delta
louisalulu ~ Big Sister
UnrealKing25 ~ Sander Cohen
PsychicAbyss88 ~ "Dr. Alexander"
HyrulesOther09 ~ Tenenbaum
Kenra-Motsunay ~ Little Sisters
Adenah939 ~ Sofia Lamb
SoSilk ~ Atlas
tbggtbgg ~ Jack Ryan
YouStartledTheSister ~ Andrew Ryan
TheOnlyEpicWolf ~ Lancer Big Daddy
GLowing-Blue ~ Augustus Sinclair

If you want a character, note or comment. n__n
We are very busy RL but we should be able to get back to you at some point if we accept your character.

I personally adore the bond between the Big Daddies/Sisters and Little Sisters, and think it's sweet and touching, plus Bioshock is an amazing game, and deserves lots of appreciation. Feel free to join and contribute, and have fun. <3









Seeing as the last blog didn't give too much details about the DLC available for Bioshock 2, I shall post up details here for anyone who wants to know what they are getting :D.

Single Player DLC:
Protector Trials:
Released on August 3rd 2010 for both Xbox 360 for 400 MS Points and Playstation 3 for $4.99
This DLC pack gives the player a set of maps, each with 3 challenges and a bonus challenge once all have been completed. The goal for these challenges is simple, protect the Little Sister while she gathers ADAM from a corpse. The way that these challenges become harder is that you only have a certain set of Weapons, Plasmids, Gene Tonics and Ammo. This means that the player needs to consider what they have at their disposal and plan out how they are going to defend their Little Sister. At the end of each Challenge the player is given a score depending on how much ADAM the Little Sister gathered.

There isn't much story in this DLC pack except for that you play as unnamed Alpha Series that was taken out of hibernation by Tenenbaum to defend the Little Sisters as they gather ADAM to weaken Sofia Lamb's plans. The whole pack is set just before the Events of the main game.

Minerva's Den:
Released on August 31st 2010 for both Xbox 360 for 800 MS Points and Playstation 3 for $9.99
This DLC pack gives the plater a whole new storyline set in a previously unexplored area of Rapture, Rapture Central Computing, It also gives the player control of another Alpha Series called Subject Sigma. The story for this DLC pack is that Subject Sigma regains consciousness in Rapture Central Computing during the events of the main game. Brigid Tenenbaum and Charles Milton Porter help Sigma to combat Reed Wahl and his control on The Thinker, a supercomputer which controls the computer systems of Rapture.

In this pack is a new weapon and a new plasmid for the player to use against Splicers and other enemies, The Ion Lancer and Gravity Well. The Ion Lancer is a high-tech laser developed in Rapture Central Computing and Gravity Well pulls enemies into a area and then blasts them back out, during which the player can easily attack them using other weapons or plasmids. Instead of players finding Power to the People machines around, players will instead find upgraded versions of weapons around Rapture Central Computing.

There are also some new types of enemies to face in Minerva's Den, such as the Lancer Big Daddy, Fiery Brute Splicer, Wintry Houdini Splicer, Rocket Security bots and Electric Security bots. There are also Little Sisters and Big Sisters present in the area as well, although unlike the main game they will not affect the ending of the DLC story in anyway.

Multi-Player DLC:
Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack:
Released on March 11th 2010 for all platforms at $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points).
This DLC pack is already on the Disc for Bioshock 2, this just unlocks it all for the player to access. This pack allows the player to progress to Rank 50, adds 20 new trials, 5 new masks, third upgrades for all the weapons and 2 new character models(Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca)

Character Pack:
Released on May 11th 2010 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for 160 MS Points ($1.99).
This DLC pack is a simple repackaging of the pre-order characters, Zigo d’Acosta and Mlle Blanche de Glace.

Kill 'em Kindly:
Released on May 11th 2010 for all platforms and for free.
This DLC added a new game mode called Kill 'em Kindly, in which players are given only one melee weapon (A Golf Club) and have to kill all other players in the game, the first player to 10 points wins!.

Rapture Metro Pack:
Released on May 11th 2010 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points).
This DLC pack adds 6 new maps into the game along with the "Rebirth" feature, this allows players who have reached rank 50 to start over again at rank 1 with special masks unlocked.
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